Are direct negotiations good or bad for the Palestinians
By Aziz Abu Sarah
Originally in Arabic on Alquds.com

July 2010

For the first time, the Palestinians have a possible advantage over their Israeli counterparts in negotiations. While the current Israeli government has been unable to provide any serious offers for a final settlement, the Palestinians are ready to offer a comprehensive settlement for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Click here to read)

Questions on Obama and the Israeli Palestinian conflict
By Kobi Scolnick and Aziz Abu Sarah

April 2010

President Obama speaks of a new vision where Arabs and Jews are not seen as if on opposing sides and where one is not forced to choose to support one side against the other (Click here to read the article)

Happy Independence Day wishes from a Palestinian
By Aziz Abu Sarah
Jerusalem Post

April 2010

It might be hard to believe that a Palestinian would wish an Israeli Jew a happy Independence Day, but I am only following in the footsteps of another Palestinian I know, Ibrahim from Hebron.(Click here to read)

Palestine between religion and secularism
By Aziz Abu Sarah
Common Ground News

February 2010

In the Palestinian territories where many people are turning to religion, faith cannot be ignored and should not be handed over to the radicals. We must reject the idea that our political choices are limited to either religious extremism or a purely secular vision. (Click here her the article)

Should Palestinians Accept Israel as a Jewish State?
By Roi Ben-Yehuda and Aziz Abu Sarah
Published at Haaretz

October 12, 2009 – Washington DC,

hould the Palestinians accept a Jewish State? Israeli and Palestinian writers Roi Ben-Yehuda and Aziz Abu Sarah got together to explore the topic. The following is their exchange. (Read the complete debate at Haaretz)

No More Condolences, No More Condemnationss
By Aziz Abu Sarah
Published at Middle East Online and others

August 27th, 2009 – Washington D.C.

Netanyahu and Lieberman are asking the world to recognize Israel as a Jewish state – I say uphold Jewish values! After all, it was Habakkuk the Jewish prophet who said ‘Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed and establishes a town by crime!’, notes Aziz Abu Sarah. (read the complete article on Middle East Online)

Fayyad welcomes Settlers to stay in a Palestinian State
By Aziz Abu Sarah

July 17th, 2009 – Washington D.C.

Prime Minister Fayyad’s positive response to the question of settlers within the West Bank is a good step toward recognizing the demographic challenges that both Israel and a future Palestinian state will face. Both states will have Arab and Jewish citizens within their borders, and both states will be judged on how well they will treat the minorities amongst their citizens. (Click here to read more)

By Aziz Abu Sarah

July 2nd, 2009- Washington D.C.

Although economic hardship threatens to exacerbate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, economics can also speed the end of the conflict. Business cooperation on an equal and empowering basis, that focuses on businesses, such as tourism, that employ thousands of people, not just enriching a few, can be a catalyst for further collaboration between Israelis and Palestinians. (Click here to read more)

A Palestinian remembers the Holocaust
by Aziz Abu Sarah
published at Haaretz, Alarabiya, Daily Star and others.

April 24th, 2009 – Washington D.C.

A few days ago, the world commemorated Holocaust Day with memorials, moments of silence, and time taken to remember the lives of loved ones lost. For years this day has been a source of internal conflict for me as a Palestinian, so this year my wife Marie and I decided to hold our own memorial by doing something I have put off for a long time: we watched the movie “Schindler’s List.” (click here to read more…)

Also Published in Arabic and Hebrew

Actions Speak Louder than Words
by Aziz Abu Sarah

April 20th, 2009 – Washington D.C.

Political pundits are all asking the same question these days about Israel: what will Netanyahu do? Will he continue the peace process? Will he trigger violence again like he did in 1996, when he opened the tunnel near the Al-Aqsa mosque without coordinating with the Muslim Waqf? Will he hurt the relationships between Israel, the US, and Europe? (click here to read more…)

The Myth of Ethics/Morality in war
by Aziz Abu Sarah

November 8th, 2006 – Jerusalem

Many of us grew up in communities where we were taught how to be moral and ethical. Although every community has its own understanding of what morality means, it is something that people are normally proud to have.   To be moral and ethical makes us feel confident. Sometimes, it even makes us feel superior to those who we view as less moral.  And when we work for humanity and contribute to the world through science, medicine, literature, charity, or by fighting evil causes, we feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. (click here to read more…)

New Conflict…Same Price

August 12th, 2006 – Jerusalem

Today we have war and more war, as though the world were lacking bloodshed, as though the number of victims were not enough. It is a strange thing to see the spirit of war rising up like a patriotic demon: suddenly people want to sacrifice their lives and the lives of those they love to prove they are stronger and they are braver and more powerful than the “others.” Suddenly victory is the alcohol that makes everyone drunk. However, the only reward of victory is more death. (click here to read more…)



  1. hello Aziz
    i’m sorry to have learnt that you lost a family member.
    congrats on your cultural effort.
    with the intention of enriching your storytelling energy pool, i’d like you to know:
    in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, palestinian and jew and arab conflicts are a distant echo of a lost and far away country.
    there is a full part of the city we call saara: a place full of stores of various kinds
    that sell cloth, food, toys… but the interesting part i’m telling you is that muslims, jews, palestinian, arabs have their shop by side without any animosity whatsoever.
    thought you’d like to know such a place exists.

    i’m a screenplay analyst, teaching online and animator-producer.

    saluti from Rio de Janeiro, Romanbruni@gmail.com

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