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June 23, 2009

Dear [Representative/Congressman] ,

I am writing as a citizen of your district to express my support for President Obama’s work in the Middle East peace process. Although many groups have expressed opposition to this new approach toward Israel and the Palestinians, I believe the best way to support Israelis and Palestinians and guarantee our values of freedom, security and justice is by supporting a lasting peace to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I believe it is in America’s best interest to be involved and facilitate a fair and just agreement.

Furthermore, I ask that if you choose to support either the Israelis or the Palestinians in this conflict, you support them as a true friend. A true friend challenges his friends to be better, supports them in developing social programs rather than weapons, is honest in dealing with shortcomings, and works toward the long-term best interest of his friends. For Israel, this means enacting a two-state solution before settlement expansion makes a one-state solution a necessity and a Jewish majority impossible. For Palestinians, this means enabling economic development and government reform so that a future Palestinian state is viable.

I also ask you to support the grassroots peace work that is happening all over the region, and which many Americans don’t get a chance to see. In the United States, the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) and the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution (CRDC) at George Mason University have partnered with organizations in Israel and Palestine to help them realize peace. They are doing an excellent job bringing attention to these issues, and I encourage you to take an active role in supporting this kind of work.

President Obama has shown his desire to see a lasting peace come to the Middle East. His speech and actions, as well as the work of Senator George Mitchell, have been an encouragement to the hundreds of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians citizens who are ready to make peace. I ask that you now give your full support to peace, with the full support of people like me in your district.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for entertaining a genuine desire for lasting peace in the Middle East.


[Your Name]
[Your Title]


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