Posted by: azizabusarah | February 3, 2011

Aziz Abu Sarah analysis on Egypt Feb 3rd



  1. Aziz, as usual, I totally agree with your analysis. (and your haircut looks great).

  2. Aziz, I agree with your words and thoughts. Im sure that as an Arab\ analysis man , all must be proud of you. Mubarak must go , I wish that a man like you must set on his place. Good luck to egybt people , I look to see this setuation in all the Arab countris. We need a new good \ young leaders.
    Thank you Aziz
    wafaa younis

  3. Thank you Marge and Wafa … The future is promising… Arabs are not doomed to live under oppression and They CAN uphold their values and create a democratic and free society.

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