Posted by: azizabusarah | October 4, 2010

Does Hypocrisy Know No End? The J-Street – Soros ‘Scandal’ in Light of the Hagee – AIPAC Relationship

By Scott Cooper, Managing Director, Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution, George Mason University

If one is to call into question the mission of an organization because of the political stance of one of its major donors or fundraisers, then we must stand together as one against the venomous, anti-Semitic organization, AIPAC. According to AIPAC, Pastor John Hagee has raised tens of millions of dollars for the organization. According to Hagee, G-d sent Hitler to kill the Jews because they didn’t emigrate to Israel during the first waves of Zionism (see Hagee say this himself in video #1).
According to Hagee, Jews must be in the Land of Israel for the end times prophecy to come true (see Hagee say this himself in video #2).

In the end times prophecy Hagee describes, Jews will be given two choices: (1) convert to Christianity or (2) die in a second Holocaust. George Soros and his family gave approximately 250,ooo dollars to J-Street. John Hagee has raised tens of millions of dollars for AIPAC. If we are to condemn J-Street as ‘anti-Israel’ because of Soros’s views, then we must label AIPAC as anti-Semitic because of John Hagee’s views.



______________________________________________________ Not Convinced that AIPAC fundraiser Hagee’s Minions Want Jews to Die or Convert? Check this out!


  1. Ah yes, the part that Mearsheimer and Walt briefly credited with the backbone of the Israel Lobby and then conveniently swept under the carpet. I’m not cynical enough to say that it’s because antisemitism and conspiracy theory sell a lot more books than the hold of Christian fundamentalism on the US. If the evidence they present of Christian fundamentalism in the US is correct, one would expect them, as white ‘anglo’ Americans, to be blind to this bias.

  2. J-Street is not labeled “anti-Israel” because of Soros’ views. Israel, and Israelis consider a foreign organization that works against the policies established by the democratically-elected government of Israel, and endangering what they see as their security, as being, by definition, anti-Israel. BECAUSE it is seen as “anti-Israel”, Soros, supports it.

    • Thank you William. I agree that Israel government been elected democratically, but does that mean that it does no wrong or that no one has the right to criticize it? Obama had been elected democratically in the US and is still criticized by both Americans and Israelis alike. Wouldn’t you say that freedom of speech (1st amendment) is at the core of democracy?

      • Sorry, your response was not communicated to me.
        There is no question that the policies of any government, or its politicians, are fair game for criticism, (as long as the criticism does not demonize, or delegitimate an entire country and its people.)

        The question is, whether an organization, especially a foreign one, that consistently stands against the policies of any Israeli government, especially on issues considered critical to security, can be labeled “anti-Israel”. Whether they are correct, or not, would a hypothetical organization like “Irish Friends of America” be considered “anti-US”, if they vocally criticized Obama’s stand on START, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Guantanamo, airport security, the defense budget, drone attacks, etc., and were funded by George Galloway?

  3. I believe that on day palestine will be free and palestinians will enjoy peace.

    • That day can be tomorrow. All that is necessary is that Palestinians accept to share the land, and recognize the historic, moral, and legal rights of the Jewish people to a nation-state of their own, on a small part of their ancestral homeland, within secure and recognized borders. That being done, and the Israeli people being convinced that peace is truly at hand, Israel will be in the forefront of helping to establish, for the first time in history, an independent Palestinian state.

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