Posted by: azizabusarah | November 3, 2009

American Media Creates New Term for a Jewish Terrorist

A report from the Associated Press on the arrest of a Jewish terrorist recently caught my attention. It seems that the American media was uncomfortable calling the arrested man (Ya’acov Teitel) a terrorist. They decided to create a new term. The title of the news article is “Israel nabs serial attacker of Arabs, leftist Jews“.

All of the major Israeli news outlets (on the left and the right) have called Ya’acov Teitel a terrorist, as these Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, and Ynet articles demonstrate. However, the only mention of the word “terrorist” in the AP article is a quotation from an Israeli police officer.

The creation of a new euphemism, “serial attacker,” to describe a Jewish terrorist is absurd.

This is another disappointment of the American news coverage on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. It also proves that we must not depend on a single media source.  For receiving a more accurate account of the news we should follow a variety of media outlets.

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