Posted by: azizabusarah | October 12, 2009

The Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution launches Citizen Diplomacy Tours to Israel-Palestine


 CRDC is proud to offer an utterly new form of citizen diplomacy and conflict resolution in the form of ‘Citizen Diplomacy Tours’. These tours have been conceived and co-created by Rabbi Dr. Marc Gopin, with 25 years experience in the field, and Aziz Abu Sarah, one of the leading Palestinian peacemakers—and tour leaders–with ten years experience. The tours will always be led by Arab and Jewish partners equally.

The key to our method is flexibility with the social network of each tour. We will tailor tours for each group that comes forward as to when, where, and how these tours will take place. We are already working with individuals who have a particular social network, such as a religious network, interfaith network, or even a particular extended family’s interests, such as life-cycle ritual in the Holy Land as the theme of their tour Israel_and_Palestine_PeaceClick Here for more information


  1. Are your tours specifically for adults only?

    I am a high school student in the US, hoping to work in Peace and Conflict studies. I am putting an itinerary together for my school: four students and one teacher. Are there any internship possibilities? Have you ever organized a tour for high school students?

  2. I don’ know, but the Palestinians should have their own state, land of just before 1967 war

  3. Dear all my friend People of Middle East,

    Please remember all of you are the children of Abraham (or Ibrahim). You are brother and sister and I hope by remember of Abraham, all of you will joint together to bring peace for this world.

    Best regards.

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