Posted by: azizabusarah | August 27, 2009

No More Condolences, No More Condemnations

nine-families Netanyahu and Lieberman are asking the world to recognize Israel as a Jewish state – I say uphold Jewish values! After all, it was Habakkuk the Jewish prophet who said ‘Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed and establishes a town by crime!’, notes Aziz Abu Sarah. (read the complete article on Middle East Online)

The Palestinians who have lost their homes, on the other hand, have not been able to rally enough people to draw constant, vehement support. Fatah, Hamas, and the PLO are too busy with their own conflicts to be of any real help to the Palestinians in Jerusalem, and the international community is fond of offering their condolences and condemnations from the safety of the “moral high ground,” so as not to soil their shoes. Of the hundreds of thousands of “pro-peace” Arabs, Israelis, Europeans, and Americans, I haven’t heard of a benefactor has stepped forward to use his connections or finances to help these two families.

Yet my biggest disappointment is with the Israeli-Palestinian peace movement, of which I have been an active part for the last ten years. We hold thousands of workshops on dialogue groups and interfaith discussions, and preach peace and reconciliation. We have people sign declarations and accords. However, we are too divided within our own ranks and organizations to stand together when these incidents occur. Instead, we spend our time measuring our success by the number of workshops we create, the conferences we attend, and the size of our budget. It is time for a change. We must measure success by the people we mobilize and the difference we can make in hard times. A sharply worded press release is not success – success is a movement of Arabs and Jews showing up in thousands ready for action, demonstrating, writing, and sleeping in the tent with the new homeless families. Read More by clicking here


  1. Israel in no less a Jewish State, with its capital in Jerusalem, than Saudi Arabia is a Muslim state with its capital in Mecca (don’t forget Medina was a Jewish city until Mohammed murdered its Jewish inhabitants in the so called Battle of the Trench).

    • Any settlement regarding the future of Jerusalem should take into account it’s importance to Muslims, Jews and Christians. My blog was not about denying Jewish narrative about the importance of Jerusalem to Judaism. It is about the hardships and the injustice that Muslims and Christians face in Jerusalem. It doesn’t matter if you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim, I believe we should all stand together in face of injustice.

      Regarding the past Islamic-Jewish relations. According to the Islamic narrative, the tribe that lived in Madina joined the aggressors who were attacking Al-Madina at the trench battle. At different times the Muslim-Jewish relations had good times and bad times. However looking ahead, we should avoid the mistakes of the past and focus on building a better future. Using something that happened 1400 years ago to justify actions done today is absurd.

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