Posted by: azizabusarah | August 23, 2009

Back to the [Palestinian] future: A view from 2019

Roi Ben Yehuda Makes a brilliant look toward the future seeing the inevitable if the two states solution is not reached within the very soon future. It will not be a minority that will support such solution anymore. It will become the only option and Israel will be forced to acknowledge the rights of the Palestinians as equal citizens.

Ten years ago, standing here, we announced our commitment to the two-state solution. We stated loud and clear that we are dedicated to a peace process whose end goal was a Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza strip, with a capital in Jerusalem, and a just resolution to the refugee problem. This was a great compromise of our historic rights, yet we understood that there was no realistic alternative to end the occupation without this concession…

Let us face reality: The time has run out on this alternative. The presence of the settlements and the stifling infrastructure of the occupation, what Israelis call facts on the ground, have rendered the two-state solution meaningless. As things stand now, even the most courageous Israeli government [far from what we have had in the last decade] cannot fulfill our basic and fundamental needs. The best Israel can offer us is a pale imitation of a state, and no self-respecting Palestinian will acquiesce to such an injustice. Read the full article on Haaretz

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